The blue bottled one.

We live in the dark. The little bit of light we rely on in the early morning and evening is generally provided by a small lamp—40 watt bulbs max. While this offers very pleasant ambiance for coffee drinking, making out and television watching, it creates a number of issues when trying to interpret details. Matching like-colored socks, reading small print and trying to retrieve anything small that’s been dropped on the floor just to name a few.

Yesterday this too-dark-to-see scenario caught up with me while I was in the shower. An Old Spice liquid soap guy since I received a free sample at a music festival nearly 10 years ago, I’ve historically used a scent that’s dark blue. However, somewhere along the way, I strayed from the blue and bought something light green—a shade that’s almost impossible to see in a dimly-lit shower scenario. Each time I flipped the bottle over, I wound up with handfuls of green goo spilling out between my fingers, disappearing down the drain.

I suppose I have a couple of options here. Ditch the green soap. Turn on an overhead light. Or get a feel for the bottle and determine the right amount by squeeze instead of by sight. I think I’ll give option #3 a shot and go from there. After all, I figure using too much soap is probably a better scenario than the opposite. Right?


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