Hot rod hundred.

In my experience, the old car scene is made up of some of the nicest folks you’ll ever hope to meet. And also some of the most opinionated. While I’m personally a big fan of sit-around-and-shine-the-hood car shows, I spent the better part of Saturday with a group of guys who believe the best way to enjoy the old machines is to drive them.

As far as I know, Saturday’s Hot Rod Hundred all began with this guy. And when the Saturday finally rolled around, the sun was shining bright and the mood among the 50+ participants was spectacular.

“I love this shit!” we overheard a guy say as everyone headed toward their vehicles to start the trek.

I was fortunate enough to have my parents along for the ride. My dad won’t take credit for being a great mechanic, but he is—which brought tremendous peace of mind to the driver (me). If something went wrong, which seemed highly likely in a 63-year-old car, I’d at least have a calm voice to walk me through the next steps. My mom was the co-pilot and head of conversation for most of the trip. She skillfully executed both tasks with amazing precision considering the drive was almost entirely made up of two-lane back roads none of us had ever been on before.

This year’s first annual Hot Rod Hundred was a day I’ll always remember. Partly because it was fun and partly because the old car made it to the end without any major issues. Sitting here right now, it’s easy to see how this “hobby” becomes a way of life.

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2 thoughts on “Hot rod hundred.

  1. […] had attended the Route Scout for the Hot Rod Hundred with my co-worker Curtis Green back in October. The route we scouted took us up through Willard, the Stockton Lake area and a […]

  2. bchrismer says:


    Thanks for the kind words and coverage of the SWMO Hot Rod Hundred. I was pretty much jealous of you, since you got to take your mom and dad with you. My dad couldn’t make it to the SWMO run, but I’ll have him and my step-mom as participants in the StL run, in October.

    I’m also REALLY glad to see that you got a shot of Harvey’s sedan sitting with Steve’s coupe. By the time I started heading that way, Harvey was pulling away.

    I’m working on plans for the 2015 SWMO run. When I get a “route scout” date set, I’ll give ya a heads up. 😉


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