Friendly lender.

Contrary to what Capitalism has tried to teach me and the fact that I work in advertising, I’ve never believed in owning lots of stuff. However, our survival in the lower Midwest has required that I buy a few things that I rarely use but I’m glad to have. An extension ladder, for example. A spare push mower (long story). Or a car battery charger.

The best part isn’t necessarily having these things around when I need them, it’s having them on hand when other people can put them to good use. Earlier this week my spare mower went to a lawn in need and just last night my battery charger was whisked away in an attempt to bring an old car back to life. The lawn was saved, but I’m not sure the battery situation is going to work out so well. The point here is that I have a few things down in the basement that could make life’s little pains-in-the-ass a bit easier to deal with.

Now the question is whether I get any my stuff back. Stay tuned for chapter two.

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