Join the club.

Funny how things change as you get older.

As a young person, I always considered myself a critical thinker—skeptical of the world’s advocates. Now these characteristics just make me seem like a grouchy jerk.

Also, as a younger person, I fancied myself a non-conformist. A strong individual who was willing to upset people and sacrifice friendships to stand up for what I thought was right. Now this just comes off as confrontational and sour.

As you can imagine, a huge part of my non-conformist, skeptical approach to life was staying the hell away from groups. Especially organized groups with bylaws, logos and regular meetings. All this came to a head last Saturday when I was asked to join the Shifters Car Club here in town. I’d been talking to these guys regularly for over a year, but I never expected them to approach me as a potential member. My car isn’t that nice and I ride a bike to work most days. All debate aside, I graciously accepted their invitation.

Now that I’m in, I don’t know what exactly to expect. But I like the idea of representing a good group of people with a common interest in old cars. I’ve got the official t-shirt and the club’s logo is prominently stuck in the center of my back window. For a guy who always took pride in being a non-joiner, this new connection feels pretty damn good.


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One thought on “Join the club.

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