Meet me out back.

It’s a sunny Friday morning in SoMo and I can’t think of a better way to spend my coffee drinking time than counting my blessings. Of course, when I refer to “blessings” I don’t mean to suggest any religious affiliation. Basically I’m talking about tallying up the good stuff after a long week.

There are the obvious elements—food, shelter and a mostly functional body. The bills are paid. The yard is mowed (the front at least). And then there’s the love. For some mysterious reason, after over a decade of unpredictable behavior and serious OCD tendencies, Cristi still sits down with me for dinner almost every night. All the things this smart, attractive woman could have done with her life and she chooses to hang out with me while I barbecue cheap pork chops and expound upon the subtle differences between the grilles of 1949-54 Chevys. Let’s just say the short end of the stick in this scenario happens to be a short guy with brown hair and an unjustifiably large collection of bicycles.

But wait, theres more. You knew it was coming. No Friday-feel-good post would be complete without a Woody segment. This little creature has enhanced our lives in ways that even the most poetic statement would never quite capture. And poetry about a dog would be stupid anyway. Which is probably one of the reasons having a good critter is amazing—they’re  simple creatures. Easy to please and always in the mood to do just about anything you want (unless it involves hygiene or nail trimming).

So here we are. Right on the edge of another weekend. My recommendation? Buy some pork chops, a case of your favorite cold beverage, a bag of ice and a big can of your favorite Bush’s Beans. Then head outside. Park. Yard. Courtyard. Alley. Whatever space you can find. Slip a koozy on your drink, light the grill and consider your place in this big mess of human drama. Think about whatever makes you smile and fixate on it—just don’t forget to flip the chops when the time comes.

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