Nice Shot: Eleventh Installment

The patina pickings were good this weekend. Some strange stuff in the mix. A COE, an International and a Packard.

I’ve been trying to decide if I’ll keep this “Nice Shot” series going after we relocate to the west coast. It seems to me that right now I have the proper credentials to scroll through Craigslist and pull images. I’m local. I own an old car. I’m a member of a local club full of people who are always looking for another project.

However, once I become a San Franciscan, coming back to the Springfield Craigslist car classifieds to steal images for blog material seems like something an irritating hipster would do in his or her free time. Once I live on the snooty end of the country, I think I lose some of my Midwest privileges. I’m sure I’m over thinking this, but without over thinking this random collection of Curtis wouldn’t exist.

Stay tuned.

50's International '48 Chrysler '55 Packard '52 Ford '49 Chev '50 Ford COE

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One thought on “Nice Shot: Eleventh Installment

  1. Dan says:

    Keep it, you dirty hipster. And while Springfield Craigslist car classifieds obviously provide you some real beauties, maybe there are some gems in small towns an hour or two outside SF.

    Also, best wishes on the move. You sure know how to keep things interesting.

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