Indoor camping.

It’s another sunny day in San Francisco. So far, they all have been. We need rain, but it’s impossible to deny the beauty of all day, every day, wall-to-wall sunshine. Not to mention it’s great weather for camping. Which is basically what I’m doing here.

Having arrived before the rest of the family, I only packed the basics. Now that I have an address, I’m sleeping on an air mattress, sitting on a lawn chair and eating with one set of utensils. I ride my bike into the city each day for work and return home each night to indulge in some reading or writing. Life without electronic entertainment can be challenging—there’s not a lot to stay awake for. Early to bed has become the rule. Of course, I have a laptop and a small TV, but without internet or cable they’re no more than just little glowing screens.

There’s a wonderful group of people who have welcomed me to the city. Invited me to the beach. And BBQs. And restaurants. And bars. Generous individuals who seem to enjoy expanding their social circles with new San Francisco transplants. My old friend Gray in particular has guided me through each step of my Bay Area onboarding with great advice and incredible patience. This place would have been impossible to navigate without a buddy on the inside.

The cable guy comes tomorrow. Cristi and Mr. Woods will join me next month. Soon this empty apartment will be filled with life. I look forward to those days while also cherishing this strange time. I’ve always been the type of person that likes being surrounded by people. So being surrounded by peace, quiet and a touch of loneliness is good exercise for the soul, I suspect.

Happy Friday, folks. May your air mattresses be firm and your lawn chairs be comfortable.

Hotel Peralta

Shangri-La. Notice the creative use of a Rubbermaid container as an end table.


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