Sixteen point.

A few weeks back, I found out my folks decided to move my grandma to a nursing home. A combination of failing health and rapid weight loss were key factors. It was time.

Being far away, I decided I’d attempt to make contact with her with a card and a letter. Finally one evening I sat down and typed a few paragraphs. After a couple of rounds of proofing, I rearranged a few things and printed a copy. I handed it to Cristi for final approval.

“Nice letter, but there’s just one thing…” she said, trailing off.

Immediately the situation felt like a creative review. I prepared to defend myself. I gathered my thoughts and planned to defend every word of the letter if I had to.

“Your mom mentioned that your grandma was having trouble reading lately…can you make the type a little bigger?”

I was relieved. My work was approved—with one small tweak. I realized that with all the years of trying to defend ill-conceived advertising concepts, I’m trained to expect feedback no matter what.

Happy Friday, friends. Whatever you do with your weekend, try to relax and separate yourself from the pains of being a professional Monday through Friday.

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