Like father, like son.

The phone rang at 5:45 AM.

Even when you’re half asleep, the brain knows early-morning calls usually have bad news waiting on the other end. A few minutes later, my mom was giving me the details of a very mild stroke my dad suffered earlier in the week. He’s fine—minus being a little shaky and only having good use of his right hand.

My initial reaction was calm. Everyone is OK. No reason to get emotional. Just like my dad.

Once we hung up, I decided to make the most of being up early and spend some time cleaning the house a bit. Just like my dad.

After finishing up a few chores, I checked the mail where the latest installment of Street Scene was waiting for me. I flipped through the magazine pages and drooled over old car photos while I had breakfast. Just like my dad.

Sitting here now—feeling extremely fortunate to live what feels like a charmed existence—I’m proud of the people who turned me into the odd fellow that I am today. I’m lucky to be just like my dad.

Friday words of wisdom? Enjoy your weekend. Appreciate what you’ve got. And if you’re hoping to sleep in, maybe consider turning the ringer off before you float away.

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2 thoughts on “Like father, like son.

  1. greensuzy says:

    Great post Curtis. Made me a little teary eyed. We’re all lucky to have a bit of Steve Green 🙂



    • curtisgreen says:

      Glad you enjoyed the post. I figure if I can’t stop by in person to let the family know we’re always thinking about them, I can at least put it on internet…the second-best thing next to real life…

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