Sign of the times.

It’s been steadily raining since Saturday. Intersections are flooding. Public transportation is delayed. And quite a few foolish people like me insist on riding their bikes to and from work.

Unless you’re prepared to spend a long day in wet socks and soggy britches, commuting in the rain requires some planning. I always pack a complete change of clothes, an extra pair of shoes and, most important, a clip-on fender. A tiny piece of $15 plastic that attaches to the seat post, the fender is the difference between a dry derriere and soaking wet asshole.

With all my love for the fender, you can imagine how charmed and delighted this morning when a local bike shop sent an employee outside with a hand painted sign that simply said:



(rain drops)

I should have stopped to take a picture, but instead you’ll have to use you imagination on this one. And while you’re using your imagination, use your brain and get yourself a decent fender if you’re doing any commuting here in the bay area. Your asshole will thank me.

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