Another year.

I often wonder if the occurrence of “bad” things is on the rise or if the amount of easily-accessible news coverage is actually the culprit. A quick history lesson will reveal that international conflict, racism and disease have been reoccurring themes throughout history. However, digital cameras, the internet and social media bring a whole new dynamic to the situation.

With that, I look back on 2014 and consider the topics that rise to the top. Ebola. Ferguson. Mexican drug lords. The mess in the Middle East. Let’s just stop there. It’s not that I don’t want to think about it, it’s just that I’m not smart enough to put any of it into perspective.

Complaining and preaching peace and understanding will just make me sound like a whiny, west-coast liberal.

Of course, a hands-off, I-can’t-change-it, let’s-focus-on-getting-by-and-being-happy approach would put me in the insensitive American category.

I’m not the person out there blocking 1-80 to make a point, but I understand where people are coming from. Of course, I’ve also learned that you DO NOT fuck with the cops. You’re compliant, respectful and absolutely pathetic until they hopefully decide to let you go. They’re certainly not your friends, but they’re not an archenemy either.

See how this can get confusing? See where the title “Opposite Day” came from? So I flip through the New York Times’ Year in Pictures on my overpriced Apple laptop, while sitting in my overpriced San Francisco apartment and admire the few images that aren’t mushroom clouds, corpses or weeping mothers.

This way we end on a positive note. Right? Right.

NJ Superbowl Costumes in Times Square Detroit Housing

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