Trial and lots of error.

The number of tiny plans that have to be prepared for, executed and finalized to relocate across the country can seem insurmountable. After three months of running through checklists, we’re finally getting close to making the transition from “just got here” to “we live here.”

The latest headache? Rolling over a measly 401k. After navigating an obstacle course from HR, to finance, to MassMutual, to Fidelity and finally back to someone in Cincinnati, I believe the miracle of moving a small amount of money from one place to another is about to occur.

The final step is between me and the Sam’s Club printer that’s been barely operational since I pulled it out of the box. If I trusted my handwriting, I’d skip the whole printed envelope fiasco, but I decided important papers deserve important looking packages.

After 45 minutes of type rotation, paper jams and feed direction deliberation, I believe I have a usable envelope. Now I have a strong suspicion the address is wrong.


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