The fix.

After lightly renovating a crappy condo in Chicago and taking a few things apart on my ’51 Chevy, I’ve developed a mild case of mechanical confidence. So when the desk lamp I’ve had since junior high school stopped working a few weeks back, I got a little giddy. With both the condo and the old car long gone, I don’t have a lot of opportunities to dig into the toolbox these days.

Fortunate to have a little bit of space for a proper workbench, I took the lamp to the operating table, grabbed a screwdriver and starting dismantling. Then, like most idiots with no real knowledge of why things work the way they do, I went to YouTube and watched videos of people fixing lamps. I eventually came to the conclusion that the socket needed to be replaced. Now, as I sit here plucking on this keyboard, the desk lamp is glowing nearby.

While everything’s in good working order at the moment, I’m left to wonder what will break next. And whether there’s a video on the internet that can guide me through fixing it.

Hot Wire

Something doesn’t look right here.

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