Have you seen me?

“Sold out” never really means you can’t get a ticket, but it’s a sure sign that someone is going to try to screw you out of a lot of money. This is exactly what happened to me when I finally decided that I absolutely needed to see Ty Segall here in San Francisco. So the Craigslisting ensued. And no one responded. At all.

With $60 cash in my pocket, Plan B was to show up at the venue and see if I could find a scalper among the smokers milling around under the marquee. I stood around. I leaned against things and tried to avoid the incoherent homeless. The twenty-dollar bills in my pocket could have gone to a better cause, but I had to stay focused. I worked both ends of the block and all I found were lots of friendly apologies.

Discouraged, I pulled over and considered my next steps.

“Mike? Are you Mike?” a voice nearby inquired.

I realized the dude was talking to me. My brain raced. I wasn’t the guy he was looking for, but I could be “Mike” for the evening if it meant I could complete my mission and get a ticket to the show. The nice guy in my head told me it was bad business that could lead to bad karma. Not to mention the fact that I had no idea how much Mike had agreed to pay.

I was honest. The real Mike was was anxiously standing by. I found my own ticket a few minutes later. No lies. No special favors. Just $40 and a smile. With incredibly high expectations, the show was OK. However, the adventure that went into getting there was definitely memorable.

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