It’s all under control.

As a self-proclaimed adventure seeker, I’m drawn to places that make me feel vulnerable. Essentially, big cities and wilderness.

For most of us humans, the first order of business in either one of these locations is establishing your safe zone in the middle of it all. In an urban area, a small box with a prison gate at the entrance and the warm glow of TV in the center. In the woods, a small piece of flat land with the warm glow of a fire pit to gather around. Naturally, any sense of security is shattered when a critter comes creeping around, someone tries to pry the gate open with a hammer or the weather changes abruptly.

Last Saturday, the sunny skies overhead quickly turned to orange clouds. Lighting and thunder began to roll. There was suddenly a cold breeze. The ominous glow should have driven us all inside, but I was barbecuing hamburgers for friends so we all grabbed our phones and snapped photos instead.

I can’t say for sure whether we’re headed toward an apocalyptic end, but  I certainly hope someone gets a good picture of the whole thing if it happens. I’d “like” that.


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