Let’s complicate everything!

Motivation is the wonderful, often unpredictable force that gets us out of bed every morning or convinces us to stay there. It can be the catalyst for doing good—like giving a homeless guy digging through the garbage a jar of peanuts. And it can be the spark of energy that puts normally levelheaded people in situations that could knock their entire world out of alignment.

Friends, from where I’m standing things are starting to slide.

None of this surprises me too much. After all, where people come from probably has a lot to do with where they’re headed. Slightly spoiled American kids like me were taught to question things. Taught to fight. Taught to never be satisfied.

It’s this red, white and blue tenacity that keeps day-to-day living anything but. I also suspect it’s the reason most of us have trouble with commitments and obligations.

What now?

It’s probably best to go out and have some fun. Deal with the consequences when they show up on your doorstep.

Happy Friday, no matter what. Hope you have a complicated weekend.

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