This just in.

Earthquakes. Riots. Killer drone strikes.

There’s a lot of bad news unfolding in this unpredictable world. Which can send most emotionally aware people down a twisted path of debate and guilty deliberation.

How does a compassionate, middle-class citizen strike a responsible balance between managing the day-to-day and paying attention to the struggles facing the global community? Especially when it’s obvious that none of us have a single problem as earth shattering as any one of this week’s headlines?

Words of wisdom? Anyone?

When you really break things down to the most basic elements, you and I both have one thing that makes anything possible—life.

Just being here is an opportunity.

Run your show. Watch your show. Or forget your show all together and take a nap instead. Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend. Seize the day if you feel like it or seize a hamburger from McDonalds if that’ll put a smile on your face. Just try not to take anything for granted because almost everything matters in some way if you look at it just right.

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