Moving violation.

If you’ve ever been a bystander to a car crash, they’re usually loud and scary. People cry. Adrenalin pumps. Britches are soiled.


Yesterday, however, I witnessed two big city pros handle an accident like it was almost nothing.

Here’s what I saw from my bicycle.

First, an old Lexus ran into the back of the new Subaru. Both drivers calmly got out with cell phones in hand to survey the damage. They exchanged insurance information. They each then calmly walked back to their vehicles. The light turned green and they were off. It was all resolved in one cycle of the traffic light.

It was as if they’d been though the drill many times before. No problems. No blame. No time to dwell on the details. I couldn’t tell if either car was hurt, but regardless I was impressed with their calm demeanor.

A block later, a homeless-looking guy ran out in front of me with two cats on leashes. I didn’t even flinch. Just another day in the land of the strange.

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