Higher education.

Visiting family from the Midwest forces worlds to collide. People who would most likely never cross paths are suddenly sharing a bathroom. While the potential for conflict is obvious, this scenario has played out at our house peacefully. I would even dare say that it’s been fun.

We’ve shared stories. We’ve seen the Golden Gate Bridge and the bright lights of the Castro Theater. Many pictures have been taken. Big meals have been eaten. The toilet has been flushed at least one million times.

One passing subject that really got my attention was the notion of getting an education in 2015. My niece and nephew are both at the age where they’re trying to determine what they’re going to do with their lives. Talking to my sister-in-law took me back to my own days of indecisiveness. The late teens and early 20s. When nothing makes sense, but everything is hitting you in the face.

This morning specifically we discussed text books. I thought of all the massive required reading I was required to lug around campus in college. I considered all the classes where every paper, pop quiz and test seemed so important. I cringed at the memory of memorization—cramming for a test without really comprehending what the information meant. Creating mnemonic devices to pass and continue on the righteous path to a happy life. I remembered how much I’ve forgotten and how much of it probably never mattered much anyway.

It’s good to be grown up. I’d like to think I’m still learning every day, but there are no text books required or lectures from people about the life-altering significance of trigonometry. It’s a good thing I got my college education while I was young because I’m certain I could never go back now.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend. If you’re lucky, you don’t have any homework and the only books you read are fiction.

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