Bad idea.

I quietly snuck out of the office at 5 PM yesterday. Poor form, for sure. I’ve always believed it’s never a good idea to appear anxious to leave work.

I made my way down the sidewalk and considered my options. I had time to kill. I could sit in the park or I could sit in a bar. I went with plan B. Bars should never be default destinations, but every so often I have an itch that only whiskey can, well, you get what I’m saying.

One quick drink and it became obvious that I was going to be late for the book signing event that had originally inspired my early departure. I decided it didn’t matter much. I had a lazy attitude toward what was turning out to be a fabulous evening.

Everything was right because most of it felt slightly wrong.

Old Fashioned

Nothing like an Old Fashioned for some new perspective…the orange peel makes it healthy.

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