Brain for sale.

Life. Love. Mortality and ear hair. With all the real problems out there, it seems a halfway intelligent person would be able to think about something besides their own day-to-day.

But we’re silly creatures with faulty wiring, bad plumbing and terribly inefficient operating systems. We’re focused on hand jobs and haircuts when we should really be thinking about overpopulation, ozone layers and how the hell “OMG” found its way into our vernacular.

But enough with the stream of consciousness, inconclusive bullshit. It’s time to move on.

Used brain for sale by owner. Be advised: Could make your nervous system very nervous. Has been exposed to a number of mind-altering substances. The default setting is dummy. Malfunction is the only sure thing. Bring a pocket knife and some rubbing alcohol. All sales final. $1 OBO.

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