Make a donation.

Last night we meandered through the neighborhood slowly but steadily making our way home. Me with a bike and a backpack that weighs roughly half a ton and Cristi with a bag on her back and a pizza under her arm. The air was cool, slightly humid and there were no serious subjects on the agenda.

“Don’t walk so fast,” she reminded me as we topped the hill between Mission and Cortland.

While most of the businesses had closed for the night, we could see a small gathering of people on the street a few blocks ahead. As we got closer, I became more intrigued. As a dog walker, frequent roamer and regular wanderer, I realized the crowd was congregated on flower lady’s corner of Cortland Avenue.

“Pick out your favorite flowers and make a donation,” she said as we approached her sidewalk operation.

With only $2 cash on hand, Cristi grabbed a single flower. The flower lady wouldn’t have it. With great pride and determination, she began building a $25 bouquet as I reiterated our financial situation. She pretended she didn’t hear me.

We continued on our path—with bags, a bike, a pizza and a massive, fancy-hotel-lobby flower arrangement—and recounted our luck and good timing. It was one of those moments that reminds me why I love living in the city. It was also one of those moments that reminds me how lucky I am to share the walk home with a beautiful lady.

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One thought on “Make a donation.

  1. markthinks says:

    same impression I had when I was stationed there – was a great city to explore too! I loved all the street performers – really added personality to the city!

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