Putting it all together.

Here at work we spend a lot of time sitting in circles with laptops. And overactive, under-stimulated brains combined with super-fast Wi-Fi can steer concepting sessions in all sorts of directions. It was Monday afternoon and instead of strategically defining the logistics of a plan to sell electronics around the holidays, we were thoughtfully discussing the finer points of our favorite childhood toys.

But the generation gap at the table was making things complicated. While many had grown up with Game Boy, the rotary-dial-era folks like me were stuck on Stompers and Stretch Armstrong.

It was just about time to change the subject.

And then I mentioned my Lego collection. A sense of common ground and unity washed over the group. Apparently Legos had transcended my 80’s childhood and been a big hit for the Millennials as well. Various trips down memory lane followed.

I built houses!

I built space ships!

I built torture chambers for Beanie Babies!

The whole discussion left me yearning for something to do with my hands. Which ultimately led to this blog entry.

Happy Friday, friends. Hope your weekend is filled with simple pleasures and idle aspirations.

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2 thoughts on “Putting it all together.

  1. markthinks says:

    all the things I built with my erector set and lincoln logs – you would think I would have ended up and engineer or something! 🙂

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