Hello darkness.

Last month, approximately 4 days following my one-year anniversary, I got canned. Laid off is the fancy word for it. They mean the exact same thing as far as I can tell, but one comes with a severance package and one doesn’t.

This was not a bad thing. For many reasons that I will keep away from the Internet, getting laid off was an extremely positive turn of events.

Since I was let go, I’ve had amazing opportunities to enjoy beautiful bike trails on random weekday afternoons—while working stiffs are stuck squirming in their ergonomic chairs trying to decide if they can get away with taking a quick walk to Starbucks.

Eat at restaurants easily without reservations—because everyone else is chained to their desk checking their Facebook status and scrolling through Instagram on their phones.

And the extra sleep. Even as an early riser, the most liberating part of this whole turn of events has been the freedom to wake up naturally—without an alarm.

But I’m back to work now. Another positive turn of events, let me say that I feel tremendously fortunate that life has quickly fallen into place. Of course, back to work means back to alarms and today I was up before the sun for the first time in a few weeks.

As I watched the purple stripes of the eastern sky fade into a light blue haze, I was reminded how incredible the early-morning hours can be. And how much I like to write these short slice-of-life stories while the rest of the world is still sleeping.

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