Outside in.

The world defines itself with opinions. Let ME tell you how I feel. Many fine-tune their own positions based on what the people around them have to say. We’re all guilty. For years, I’ve suffered unapologetically from the Jon Stewart effect. Once I heard his take on something, I generally adopted it as my own. There’s nothing like feeling smart without having to work for it.

These facts of human nature aside, I’ve generally tried to reserve my evaluations of music, film and art among my immediate circle of friends and fellow bar patrons. Subjectivity is something I’ve tried to keep to myself over the years. It’s especially important to me now that I live among the West Coasters—a people who thrive on telling others how they feel. While this may seem to counter the purpose of a blog, I’ve tried to use my small, insignificant space on the Internet to tell short, simple stories of a personal nature.

That all stops here. For a moment, at least.

Saturday night we watched Inside Out and it was, in my opinion, amazing. A work of art. Well written. Perfectly paced. And incredibly accurate. I’ve always wondered about what exactly unravels in the fuzzy zone between youthful exuberance and (pre) teen angst. When and why do perfectly nice kids go bad? This film explores this mysterious, seemingly controversial subject intelligently and entertainingly.

There are two things to keep in mind if you haven’t seen it. The first could be a deal breaker. I don’t think it’s a kid’s movie as much as it’s a movie for people with kids. While the animation is outstanding, I don’t think most children have the capacity to comprehend their future loss of innocence. Why show them the bleak future that’s in store before they know it’s coming?

The second could also change your approach. It’s sad. I mean a real tear-jerker. I’m not kidding—I’m confessing to the fact that I cried three times before the credits rolled. Rather than embarrassment, it gave me the sense that I was really following the film and connecting with the subject matter. It was the good kind of feeling bad.

So there it is. A film review of sorts. Go watch this impressive Pixar creation and see if you walk away remembering some of the fantastic, youthful sensibility you nearly forgot (or maybe already have).

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