What’s in your head?

It’s been a rough year. No real problems, of course. This is, there’s plenty to eat and no one is in pain. But somewhere between relationship issues, dog-eating-tennis-ball issues and getting-canned-at-work issues, I haven’t had a whole lot of pseudo-insightful reflection to share. Or poor attempts at comedy. Or even doodles. Personally, I’ve felt a bit flat. So when it came time for the annual homemade, hand-drawn Christmas card, I considered skipping the whole thing and relying on the fact that hopefully my loved ones will always know—Christmas card or not—that they are indeed still loved. But that felt like defeat and defeat wasn’t an option. Not during my favorite time of year.

As usual, this year’s card was inspired by real events. Or at least a nonexistent point-of-view based on real events. As those of you who have visited know, we share our steep San Francisco street with a massive Apple billboard. So when I decided to decorate our place it occurred to me that my lights were up against the corporate glow of sexy electronic devices. Which not only seemed like a nice chunk of social commentary regarding the meaning of Christmas, but definitely inspiration for a sketch that eventually led to the card.

Below you’ll find my drawing next to the real-life situation. Compare. Contrast. Squint really hard. But you’ll quickly find the two views don’t exactly match up. Use your imagination. Hell, maybe it’ll inspire you to draw your own picture. No matter what, Merry Christmas and happy crappy sketching to all…


IMG_3493 (1)

Of course, if I missed you this year, just let me know where I can find you.

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