Part two.

Oh, Christmas tree…such fleeting pleasure you brought to practically every household in the neighborhood.

Suburban folks and city dwellers alike can appreciate the beauty of the holiday season and the abrupt tear down that follows. From a magical beacon of soft-glowing electricity, with carefully placed ornamentation, to a fire hazard hastily tossed on the curb, the real Christmas tree is an illogical tradition that I support.

Wasteful. Sure. Expensive. Absolutely. Messy. Yep. But they look nice and they smell good. And as I discovered this year, they bring a different kind of joy to male dogs once they’re discarded. While the most wonderful time of year may have passed for us humans, Woody and his fellow leg-lifters here on the hill love to pee all over the dried-out evergreens of Christmas past.

To some, the carefully trimmed and aggressively marketed shrubs may look like trash, but all I see is a happy dog with endless whizzing opportunities. We should all be so easily entertained.

Woody and Tree

The tree. The dog. The anticipation.

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2 thoughts on “Part two.

  1. Linda Thompson says:

    Your Christmas tree looks just perfect! And thanks for the Christmas card – I have always saved them and feel special to receive one of the “Curtis original Christmas cards” each year. Would like to come see you one of these days – maybe it will still happen. We’re headed out on another European river cruise this summer. Hugs to you and Christi and a big pat to Woody.

  2. curtisgreen says:

    We had a great tree this year. I carried it home myself—past the shady convenience store on the corner, the homeless guys gathered inside the bus shelter and under the 101 overpass that smells like mold and human waste. Not exactly a sleigh ride, but an experience all the same!

    Glad you liked the card as well. I always have fun with those. I’ve been thinking about a road trip down you way. Let’s see what 2016 brings…

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