With few exceptions, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience human nature at its best during my thirty-eight year tour. Loving family. Enough friends to have a proper pre-teen birthday party. Prom dates, fishing buddies, friendly retail-establishment bosses along with encouraging teachers, professors and associates.

Without sounding like an academy award acceptance speech, I’d like to express my gratitude to the universe for the series of seemingly random and coincidental right place/right time scenarios that led to now. Fate, I couldn’t have done it without your invisible influence.

All this, and I’m still impressed by random acts of human kindness. I commonly witness people willing to give up their seats to the elderly on pubic transportation. I still think the “take a penny/leave a penny” containers at convenience stores are a shining example of a true sharing economy at work. And even in the hazy, crazy world of San Francisco, I’ve noticed people practicing the lost hubcap rule—the simple act of placing a stray wheel cover upright against the nearest wall or street sign in case the owner comes back to retrieve it. I’ve always had faith in humanity, but a little positive reinforcement never hurts.

Lost and Found

Happy Friday, friends. Leave a penny. Keep an eye out for little old ladies on canes. And above all, avoid the temptation to hang stray car parts on the wall—instead put them somewhere obvious in the rare event that someone returns to the scene of the pothole or parallel parking mishap.



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