Crash and burn.

There’s risk lurking in the twists and turns that make life worth living. The light shines through long enough to remind us just how precarious our situation may be. But illogical determination is the driving force behind new adventure and the notion of experiencing a reality that seems unreal keeps us moving.

Routine reminds us to eat, but sometimes food doesn’t matter. If you’re lucky, there’s a larger cause. Something bigger than functionality.

Feeling invincible is fleeting, but worth it.

Of course, it’s all relative. This may be the most important thing to note.

One man’s earth-shattering Saturday night is another man’s tame Tuesday. And this is why humans—as hard as we try—generally don’t understand one another. We try. We laugh at jokes that aren’t that funny. We lie and douse ourselves in perfumed products to cover up the fact that most of us are mildly full of shit. Smile among ten people in public, but threaten the one who knows us best. It’s the kind of fake that ensures survival. And disappointment. And joy all over again.

Friday is here again. Things are rapidly changing—even if you don’t know it. Probably best to smile and see what happens next. It could make all the difference in the world. For a while at least.


Fantastic illustration by Ken Price.

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