Milk it.

It’s another installment in the chronicles of a living, breathing illogical human. Today’s debatable notion—enjoy it while it lasts. While this would most definitely qualify as a forgettable statement that belongs on a bumper sticker you’d expect to find on a fucking Prius, I’m still shocked by how much time we spend unhappily waiting in line for a shot of happiness. It comes in many different forms—fancy cars, nice houses, perfect jobs, perfect tits, exotic vacations—you name it and there’s someone who thinks it’ll make all the difference in the world. But ultimately you always come back to yourself.

So what if we could just be satisfied with the joy of each day? Imagine if there was no admission price? No band around your wrist that declares you’re satisfied. I’m talking about taking a second to recognize how nice it is to have five fingers poking out from your palms. And if you’ve been the unfortunate victim of an accident and you only have four fingers on one hand, appreciating the fact that you didn’t lose your entire arm the day you lost your pinky.

Does this make any sense? I’m completely sober, by the way.

This isn’t really about losing body parts. This is about people losing their minds searching for something that makes them smile. All while losing precious time and opportunities.

The other day a friend was telling me about a conversation she had with an old guy at the nursing home where she works. They were going back and forth about what it is that ultimately makes us happy and he summed it up with a thought that’s a whole lot more intelligent than anything you’ll find on this blog.

He looked at her with a slight grin and said sincerely, “life is tough titties, but the milk sure is sweet.”

Today his brilliant evaluation is working for me. Today his perspective makes more sense than any self-help book, advice column or graduate level philosophy course. Today is also Friday. I don’t know about where you’re sitting, but the sun is out in Oakland and I have a plan to soak it all up before I lose a finger. Or an arm. Or another day worrying about things that are beyond my control.

The weekend is here—shut down your damn computer and go do something simple. Go!

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