Barbecue, demolition and life.

We humans are highly adaptable creatures. Overly sensitive at times, but capable of amazing level setting when life shifts a bit to the left. Or right—for you Trump supporters out there.

Like three-legged dogs or demolition derby cars inching backward across a muddy field, we really don’t have much choice but to keep going. And sometimes the will to live becomes an opportunity to thrive.

I wouldn’t suggest burning bridges in some kind of hasty effort to find the next thing, but I will say that what comes after can sometimes seem a whole lot better than what came before. Of course, you have to stick around and see.

Forget lemons and lemonade. If a raw deal is what you find yourself up against, I suggest lighting a fire and inviting a few people over for a barbecue.

EP-150729683.jpg&updated=201507240840&MaxW=800&maxH=800&noborderInspired by demolition…it’s not over until the radiator blows.

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