In conversation.

Among my many annoying habits, I talk to Woody the dog throughout the day.

When feeling guilty about leaving for work, I pose philosophical questions, “What does it all mean, buddy? Am I just another rat in the race?”

Or when getting ready for a walk, I try to position a quick trip around the block where the expectation is a prompt poop and pee as some kind of adventure, “Do you want to go outside with me and explore the world?”

And we spend a lot of time debating the pros and cons of electronic devices, “Silly me and this cell phone—all this texting back and forth for what? For what?”

Treats are cookies. A bowl full of kibble is breakfast (or dinner). And our life together is just like any human relationship.

Right now, for example. He’s had his breakfast,  I’ll be leaving shortly for my day among the rats, he definitely wants to explore the world and I’m sitting here wasting time on an electronic device. He has needs and I’m not fulfilling them.

Off we go.

Mr. Woods.jpg

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One thought on “In conversation.

  1. val says:

    That face!

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