No storage.

Funny how dreams can be so vivid, yet so quickly forgotten. But I suppose most things in life eventually run their course and wind up on a truck to be dumped in a remote area or living on the dusty, disorganized shelves of the local Salvation Army.

As checklists and change-of-address forms once again dominate my world, it seems only natural to question all the work that goes into temporary states. Momentary lapses of perceived happiness. So here we are.

This house is not a home anymore and I’m glad to say goodbye. The life that unfolded here was tangled and messy. But I sure am going to miss the garage.

On that note, enjoy your weekend—especially if you’re not packing. And if by some strange coincidence you are packing, try to make the most of that as well. As a recently widowed woman told me a few days back, “new beginnings are good.”

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One thought on “No storage.

  1. Dan says:

    To new beginnings, Curtis! I don’t know what all is going on in your life, but I sure would like to catch up over a beer and find out. Hope the move goes smoothly.

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