Hammer time.

Dull weekend? Looking for a little stimulation? I’ve got just the thing. First, grab a hammer and a fence post. Then hike out to the far corner of a neglected piece of property and attempt to drive the aforementioned fence post into a hallow log inhabited by an angry mob of yellow jackets that you don’t know are there.

What happens next will be thrilling, painful and hilarious for bystanders. I’d always heard these creatures were known for stinging, but every strike felt more like a fast-moving punch from a tiny, angry fist. Pow, my head. Pow, pow, my hands. Pow, pow, pow, my knees. Their ambush was swift and strategic.

Worried about coming down too quickly? If you’re smart like me, you’ll head right back to the spot where the wasps angrily swarmed just a few minutes prior—with 15 or so throbbing welts—to reclaim the hammer you dropped when the whole thing began. There’s nothing like a few more fresh strings to keep you going all night!

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