A retriever of sorts.

Most domestic animals serve very little purpose beyond making humans feel happy and needed. At least this has been the case with both of the awesome dogs I’ve had in my life.

But Woody (current four-legged friend), surprised me last night. Rather than killing the random cat that wandered into our massive, messy backyard, he cornered the animal and then came to my side to let me know something was amiss. A few minutes later, the cat, too frightened to move, was perfectly positioned for quick retrieval by the owner. Turns out, the poor fur ball is an indoor-only creature and made a break for it earlier in the day.

It was a heroic move for a Missouri pound dog, in my opinion. Everyone went home intact and feeling a little better about the world. Of course, because Woody had the self-control to skip the kitty snack, he was rewarded with lots of hippie lamb treats and a generous belly rub.

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

On patrol in the wilds of Alameda County.

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