One thing.

It’s hard to be human without occasionally contemplating fate, luck and circumstance. Once the day has begun, thousands of possibilities take form. It’s the domino effect of life. And the unpredictable outcomes of our attempts to live an interesting existence.

Now imagine if the one errant factor in an otherwise routine day is your electricity and gas—the magical source of light, warm water and the Internet. Suddenly the plot thickens (and people can get very stinky). Many would freak out and leave the landlord profanity-filled messages. Others might book a hotel room or make plans to stay with friends. And some—the somewhat easy-going few—might grab a bottle of wine and a chunk of cheese from the lukewarm refrigerator and sit on the deck while assessing the situation.

We went with option 3 when our modern world went dark last week. It turned out to be a really memorable evening. No dinner making. No Netflixing. No lightbulbs. Just life, love and a few basic necessities.

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