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Hard stop.

'59 Passenger.jpg'59 Drivers.jpg
Growing up as an old car junky, abandoned vehicles left in fields along the Midwestern highway had an irresistible draw. There was unsolved mystery hiding in the broken glass, blank headlights and rusty quarter panels. What sort of heartless bastard gives up on a set of tail fins?

In my endless pursuit of Americana, I’ve found myself trying to recreate history as it never happened with plastic, paint and glue. While a real old car doesn’t have any sensible place in my life at the moment, I decided to build a small version of one that takes me back to those days as kid—racing down the highway in the middle of nowhere watching as forgotten chunks of the American dream wait for the crusher.

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Nice Shot: Eighth NorCal Installment

'65 Chevy Convertible  '57 Chevy

'56 Pontiac

Here’s another round of once-motorized, almost forgotten heavy-metal memorabilia pulled from the local Craigslist. Having once owned a ’68 Impala (similar to the ’65), test driven and seriously considered buying a ’57 four door and fallen in love with a ’55 Pontiac sedan, each of these cars appeal to me on a personal level. Now if only I had the time, money, space and expertise to bring one of these beasts back to life. Instead I’ll just admire them from a safe, non-headache inducing distance.

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Nice Shot: Third NorCal Installment

Another in the series. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a lot of abandoned junk on the local Craigslist this weekend, but there were a few gems mixed in there. May your day be filled with patina and white walls.

'61 Chevy PU '63 Willys Jeep Chevy PU

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Nice Shot: Final SoMo Installment

On Monday, my cross-country trek begins. It’s bittersweet, as I genuinely feel like we were living a good life here in Southern Missouri. But the opportunity to uproot is always tempting for the restless soul. With that, I’ve made one last run through the local Craigslist car & truck classifieds and picked a few gems for your entertainment. Thanks for looking.

'56 Olds '51 Merc '52 Ford '59 Pontiac '55 Chevy

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