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Nice Shot: October Edition

'64 Galaxie.jpg

'57 Nomad.jpg

'59 Nash.jpg

The world is hard on things—especially cars. While so many old buildings continue to serve their purpose in modern times, old cars are often retired without a second thought. While today’s Nice Shot collection has seen better days, a person with some money to spare could certainly restore them to their original glory. Forgive the rhyme, but I’d start with the Nash, if I had the cash.

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Nice Shot: Oddities

Welcome to the latest and long overdue addition to the Nice Shot series. It’s been a while.

It all started yesterday when I was reading about Tesla and Chevrolet jockeying for the #1 spot in “market value among U.S. automakers” which inspired a quick scroll through the local Craigslist. There I found an unusually high number of abandoned oddities that were most likely launched as an alternative to mainsteam when they were released. Edsel, Packard, International…something like the 50’s versions of a Tesla. Now I’m left wondering how those big batteries will age after being left in a field for sixty years?

International TruckPackardEdsel

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Nice Shot: Fifteenth NorCal Installment

'34 Ford Truck'57 Chevy'54 Ford

I can’t fully explain why other people’s junk makes me wish I had more than twenty bucks in my checking account, but the shots above should help you fill in the blanks. A big thank you to all the Craigslisters with spare parts and spare time to post. Without you, the Nice Shot series would wither away and I’d have to spend my time doing something productive—like cleaning house or reading poetry.

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Rear ended.

'65 Impala60's Fairlane60's FalconOne of the many things I appreciate about the Bay Area is the fact that there are lots of well preserved old cars still on the road. And bike commuting is especially conducive to capturing them in all their battered glory. Often drawn to small details—steering wheels, hubcaps, taillights, etc—here are a few rear views of daily drivers I’ve spotted recently.

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Nice Shot: Tenth NorCal Installment

'55 Cadillac

'49 Studebaker

48 Chevy PU

By far my favorite era for automotive styling, the late 40s and early 50s are well represented in this week’s Nice Shot Installment. The Cadillac was too beautiful to pass up, the Studebaker too obscure and the truck just had the perfect amount of patina and charm.

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Nice Shot: Fourth NorCal Intallment

My random weekend Craigslisting continues with a couple of Bay Area finds. One of these days I’ll probably own something old again. Until then, I’ll standby and live vicariously through other peoples’ projects.

'55 Plymouth '51 Pontiac '51 GMC

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Nice Shot: Third NorCal Installment

Another in the series. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a lot of abandoned junk on the local Craigslist this weekend, but there were a few gems mixed in there. May your day be filled with patina and white walls.

'61 Chevy PU '63 Willys Jeep Chevy PU

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