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Nice Shot: October Edition

'64 Galaxie.jpg

'57 Nomad.jpg

'59 Nash.jpg

The world is hard on things—especially cars. While so many old buildings continue to serve their purpose in modern times, old cars are often retired without a second thought. While today’s Nice Shot collection has seen better days, a person with some money to spare could certainly restore them to their original glory. Forgive the rhyme, but I’d start with the Nash, if I had the cash.

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Nice Shot: Oddities

Welcome to the latest and long overdue addition to the Nice Shot series. It’s been a while.

It all started yesterday when I was reading about Tesla and Chevrolet jockeying for the #1 spot in “market value among U.S. automakers” which inspired a quick scroll through the local Craigslist. There I found an unusually high number of abandoned oddities that were most likely launched as an alternative to mainsteam when they were released. Edsel, Packard, International…something like the 50’s versions of a Tesla. Now I’m left wondering how those big batteries will age after being left in a field for sixty years?

International TruckPackardEdsel

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Nice Shot: Fifteenth NorCal Installment

'34 Ford Truck'57 Chevy'54 Ford

I can’t fully explain why other people’s junk makes me wish I had more than twenty bucks in my checking account, but the shots above should help you fill in the blanks. A big thank you to all the Craigslisters with spare parts and spare time to post. Without you, the Nice Shot series would wither away and I’d have to spend my time doing something productive—like cleaning house or reading poetry.

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Active ingredients.

The bus I should’ve been on just passed by, but I’ve been busy looking at old cars on Craigslist.

I noticed the calendar was a month behind and the clock on the headboard was two hours ahead, but I’ve been busy walking the dog.

I should probably be in the office coming up with an intricate marketing scheme, but I’ve been busy chatting with the neighbors and contemplating the cloud formations floating over 101 South.

Happy Friday everyone. May your priorities and agendas be manageable. May any stress be easily soothed by distraction.

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Nice Shot: Fourteenth NorCal Installment

Time can certainly take quite a toll on things. Wrinkles or rust, both have a certain undeniable appeal as they generally come with nostalgic associations and scars from an adventure or two. There’s something about old vehicles in particular—so powerful and potentially useful—that makes broken windows, flat tires and the possibility of critters building nests in dark corners very intriguing to me. When was its last day on the road? Why was it parked? Will it ever live again?

This week’s Nice Shot installment offers the midnight mechanic a range of possibilities. Enjoy.

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Nice Shot: Thirteenth NorCal Installment

'46 Chevy'52 Ford Wagon'55 Ford

Recently, I’ve been spending my spare time driving cars instead of digging around Craigslist looking for pictures of them. I’ve navigated Kansas highway thunderstorms in a boring, but spry little Kia, been off road in a worn out Ford 150 and made my way across the Bay Bridge on a fairly regular basis in a Toyota with more safety features than horsepower.

Modern day vehicular adventures aside, I finally had an opportunity to scroll through the local Car and Truck classifieds. And while each one of today’s “Nice Shot” cars are thousands of dollars away from being road worthy, they certainly caught my eye. Two Fords and a Chevy, I thought these photos were as impressive as the automobiles themselves.

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Nice Shot: Thanksgiving Edition

I thought I’d ring in the Holiday Season with a Nice Shot collection dedicated to the original, ultimate family haulers—station wagons. Before massive SUVs and embarrassingly lame mini-vans became fixtures in American suburban driveways, it seems to me that nothing said “we’re dedicated to raising rotten kids” like a wagon. Have a great Thanksgiving—especially those of you blazing down the highway with a load of ungrateful children and green bean casseroles.

'56 Pontiac'68 Chrysler'64 Buick Wagon

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