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Hard stop.

'59 Passenger.jpg'59 Drivers.jpg
Growing up as an old car junky, abandoned vehicles left in fields along the Midwestern highway had an irresistible draw. There was unsolved mystery hiding in the broken glass, blank headlights and rusty quarter panels. What sort of heartless bastard gives up on a set of tail fins?

In my endless pursuit of Americana, I’ve found myself trying to recreate history as it never happened with plastic, paint and glue. While a real old car doesn’t have any sensible place in my life at the moment, I decided to build a small version of one that takes me back to those days as kid—racing down the highway in the middle of nowhere watching as forgotten chunks of the American dream wait for the crusher.

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Screen to screen.

Humans are social creatures. And while I’ve gotten a bit more selective in my 30s, I’d still rather have people around than not.

However during 2014’s Bay Area Bachelor Phase, I’ve had to navigate a new city and new social terrain. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and forgotten a lot of names. I’ve tried to buy drinks, but I fear more have been bought for me. I even got spanked by a girl celebrating her birthday one night walking into a bar—and I liked it.

My time at home, however, is an entirely different story. When Cristi, Woody and I are together, home is the main destination. When it’s just me, it’s a place to be avoided. And when I do wind up here, I’m dedicated to distracting myself. TV for Netflix. Computer for pretty pictures and writing. Phone for texting, Facebook and over-checking email. I jump from one to the next. I’ve tried reading. I’ve tried drawing. But eventually I get sucked back into some kind of mindless activity.

When I consider all the things I could have done this month, I’m reminded just how much I’ve loved House of Cards, how much I’ve enjoyed plucking this keyboard to create random blog posts and how many Facebook posts I’ve scrolled through and smiled. I’ve entertained myself. At home and out in the world. Silly or not.

Next week the family will be here. My world will be complete. And I’ll wish that I had some time to myself to watch TV, play on the internet and mess with my phone.


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