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Sleep on it.

True to all the stereotypes most of us are exposed to via network TV, anyone who works for a living has their fair share of good days and bad days. I think this is why parents preach college and careers to their stoned teenagers. But even the corporate gigs that come after all that can test people’s fortitude. Such has been the case in my life this week.

Of course, when frustration strikes the complaining to significant others begins. And Monday evening was filled with intricate details of everything that unfolded Monday afternoon. It was the kind of conversation no one really wants to have (or hear), but the whole “how was your day” ritual is an obligatory part of being in a committed relationship.

But time passed as time does and eventually Tuesday morning rolled around. We shared a cup of coffee, spoke briefly about what the day had in store and then took a short stroll through the filthy, but charming streets of our San Francisco neighborhood. We both carried a smile as the wild animal on the end of the leash lunged for discarded pizza crust in front of us. The sun was coming up and the air was crisp. It was 6:20 AM.

We wound up outside my lady’s yoga studio. She was a few minutes early. Her kiss goodbye was followed by a little advice. “Do something you enjoy this morning.”

“I already have been,” I thought, as she disappeared through the door.

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Friday night feeling.

Another day spent wondering what’s next and reading bad news about the government. 

The billboard tells me there’s a Lexus sales event I can’t miss, but I have a feeling I’m not gonna make it. Damn, maybe next time, Lexus.

Moving on and off. Hoping my haircut doesn’t make me look like a douche. Hoping my personality doesn’t allow me to act like one. 

Everyone preaches love and peace, but few show much interest in either when a parking spot is at stake. 

That’s life and so is this. 

So on and so forth. I’ll quietly plead the fifth if anyone asks me for answers. 

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One thing.

It’s hard to be human without occasionally contemplating fate, luck and circumstance. Once the day has begun, thousands of possibilities take form. It’s the domino effect of life. And the unpredictable outcomes of our attempts to live an interesting existence.

Now imagine if the one errant factor in an otherwise routine day is your electricity and gas—the magical source of light, warm water and the Internet. Suddenly the plot thickens (and people can get very stinky). Many would freak out and leave the landlord profanity-filled messages. Others might book a hotel room or make plans to stay with friends. And some—the somewhat easy-going few—might grab a bottle of wine and a chunk of cheese from the lukewarm refrigerator and sit on the deck while assessing the situation.

We went with option 3 when our modern world went dark last week. It turned out to be a really memorable evening. No dinner making. No Netflixing. No lightbulbs. Just life, love and a few basic necessities.

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The fuzz.

Digging down through the layers of what used to be. So many hoops. Such a goddamn circus. Chasing one thing and leaving another behind. Memories burn, but the place is someone else’s reality now.

Restless people leave a path. A trail of impressions. Smiles and farewells. You don’t always feel different—but everything has changed.

Grandpa still smiles in pictures but he’s long gone.

And all the girls I’ve loved before love someone else tonight. But I still feel it all. I remember the music that was playing. The smell in the air. The context and the underlying complexity.

Life reinvents itself as it should. We make messes of things. We have good intentions and bad ideas simultaneously. Contradictions packed in confirmations. So we push. And morph. And make new plans that would surprise our old ideas. That send previous selves into tailspins.

My talent is recognizing that I have very little. My area of expertise is being an amateur. My specialty if floating from one experience to the next yearning for something just out of reach. But so close.

Today I live in place I barely knew two years ago. Where entire streets bring back good memories. And steep corners take me to emotional roller coaster realities that have faded into the fuzz.

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Let’s complicate everything!

Motivation is the wonderful, often unpredictable force that gets us out of bed every morning or convinces us to stay there. It can be the catalyst for doing good—like giving a homeless guy digging through the garbage a jar of peanuts. And it can be the spark of energy that puts normally levelheaded people in situations that could knock their entire world out of alignment.

Friends, from where I’m standing things are starting to slide.

None of this surprises me too much. After all, where people come from probably has a lot to do with where they’re headed. Slightly spoiled American kids like me were taught to question things. Taught to fight. Taught to never be satisfied.

It’s this red, white and blue tenacity that keeps day-to-day living anything but. I also suspect it’s the reason most of us have trouble with commitments and obligations.

What now?

It’s probably best to go out and have some fun. Deal with the consequences when they show up on your doorstep.

Happy Friday, no matter what. Hope you have a complicated weekend.

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