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Nice Shot: Oddities

Welcome to the latest and long overdue addition to the Nice Shot series. It’s been a while.

It all started yesterday when I was reading about Tesla and Chevrolet jockeying for the #1 spot in “market value among U.S. automakers” which inspired a quick scroll through the local Craigslist. There I found an unusually high number of abandoned oddities that were most likely launched as an alternative to mainsteam when they were released. Edsel, Packard, International…something like the 50’s versions of a Tesla. Now I’m left wondering how those big batteries will age after being left in a field for sixty years?

International TruckPackardEdsel

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Nice Shot: Second NorCal Installment

My Craigslist classified car ad cruising continues. Those who follow me know that I’m generally drawn to rotting steel carcasses in fields. However, today I’ve broken a few of my own rules because, well, I can do whatever I want with this silly collection of fleeting thoughts and stories about nothing. Enjoy.

'53 Merc '59 Chevy '61 Apache

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