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Nice Shot: Oddities

Welcome to the latest and long overdue addition to the Nice Shot series. It’s been a while.

It all started yesterday when I was reading about Tesla and Chevrolet jockeying for the #1 spot in “market value among U.S. automakers” which inspired a quick scroll through the local Craigslist. There I found an unusually high number of abandoned oddities that were most likely launched as an alternative to mainsteam when they were released. Edsel, Packard, International…something like the 50’s versions of a Tesla. Now I’m left wondering how those big batteries will age after being left in a field for sixty years?

International TruckPackardEdsel

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Hard stop.

'59 Passenger.jpg'59 Drivers.jpg
Growing up as an old car junky, abandoned vehicles left in fields along the Midwestern highway had an irresistible draw. There was unsolved mystery hiding in the broken glass, blank headlights and rusty quarter panels. What sort of heartless bastard gives up on a set of tail fins?

In my endless pursuit of Americana, I’ve found myself trying to recreate history as it never happened with plastic, paint and glue. While a real old car doesn’t have any sensible place in my life at the moment, I decided to build a small version of one that takes me back to those days as kid—racing down the highway in the middle of nowhere watching as forgotten chunks of the American dream wait for the crusher.

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Nice Shot: Fifteenth NorCal Installment

'34 Ford Truck'57 Chevy'54 Ford

I can’t fully explain why other people’s junk makes me wish I had more than twenty bucks in my checking account, but the shots above should help you fill in the blanks. A big thank you to all the Craigslisters with spare parts and spare time to post. Without you, the Nice Shot series would wither away and I’d have to spend my time doing something productive—like cleaning house or reading poetry.

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Nice Shot: Thanksgiving Edition

I thought I’d ring in the Holiday Season with a Nice Shot collection dedicated to the original, ultimate family haulers—station wagons. Before massive SUVs and embarrassingly lame mini-vans became fixtures in American suburban driveways, it seems to me that nothing said “we’re dedicated to raising rotten kids” like a wagon. Have a great Thanksgiving—especially those of you blazing down the highway with a load of ungrateful children and green bean casseroles.

'56 Pontiac'68 Chrysler'64 Buick Wagon

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Nice Shot: Eleventh NorCal Installment

'57 Ford

I’ve had this ’57 Ford truck sitting on my desktop for a couple of weeks now. Generally, I try to dig up at least three vintage vehicles per installment, but I just haven’t had a lot of time to comb through the local Craigslist for images that fit my loose, very random criteria. Excuses and explanation aside, I think the beast above is worthy of a dedicated post anyway. Enjoy.

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Nice Shot: Sixth NorCal Installment

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m shocked and delighted that the SF Craigslist car & truck posts are filled with almost as much patina and temptation as the Midwest. Here are just a few of the beauties I dug up this week.

'37 Chrysler '34 Ford '65 Chevy PU

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Nice Shot: Eleventh Installment

The patina pickings were good this weekend. Some strange stuff in the mix. A COE, an International and a Packard.

I’ve been trying to decide if I’ll keep this “Nice Shot” series going after we relocate to the west coast. It seems to me that right now I have the proper credentials to scroll through Craigslist and pull images. I’m local. I own an old car. I’m a member of a local club full of people who are always looking for another project.

However, once I become a San Franciscan, coming back to the Springfield Craigslist car classifieds to steal images for blog material seems like something an irritating hipster would do in his or her free time. Once I live on the snooty end of the country, I think I lose some of my Midwest privileges. I’m sure I’m over thinking this, but without over thinking this random collection of Curtis wouldn’t exist.

Stay tuned.

50's International '48 Chrysler '55 Packard '52 Ford '49 Chev '50 Ford COE

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