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Santas in the night.

There’s nothing like spending the holidays in a neighborhood that’s festive year round. Here in San Francisco’s North Beach, multi-colored lights permanently hang above Grant Avenue, the bars and restaurants are usually packed with cheerful patrons and frequently big groups of people go door to door singing—at least until they get home. While it’s not great for good night’s sleep, most days feel like some kind of special occasion.

The other day, however, I encountered a new level of coincidental holiday crossover when I found a gift on the doorstep. Technically the gold bag with its carefully arranged tissue paper was tossed on the sidewalk, but the decorative effort wasn’t wasted on me. I picked it up and nervously looked inside to discover an undamaged glass tray with an artful gold type that simply read CHEERS. Momentarily, I considered my options and decided the tray was coming home with me to be re-gifted just as soon as I could deliver it to my lovely lady on the third floor.

Secret Santa? Drunk elf? Perhaps a small token of appreciation from the universe for enduring the yelping of drunks night after night? While I’ll never know for sure where this sidewalk surprise came from, I’ll always remember the joy of finding this accidental gift.

With that, I say cheers to you and yours. And Merry Christmas. And happy holidays. If you can, take a moment to take in the world around you and watch your step—you never know what treasures might be waiting underfoot.

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