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Top five.

On the first day at my new gig, I received a welcome-to-the-team questionnaire that’s been sitting blank next to my air mattress for nearly a week. The ask? Describe five interesting things about myself.

Here are the top five reasons I still haven’t filled the thing out:

  • I don’t exactly jump at the chance to talk about myself unless someone asks in person. And if it has to be about me, then I’d rather know five things you think make me interesting.
  • What’s considered interesting is terribly subjective—especially in the context of a corporate environment.
  • Besides my fetish for relocation, I fear I may not be that interesting. I’m a Midwest kid that got a college degree and went to work in advertising. I drink too much coffee, indulge too often in great food and will probably die of heart disease like 65% of the country.
  • I like to watch. With the exception of cycling, I’m not into any crazy extracurricular activities and I have very little interest in learning. When it comes to spending time with people, I’d rather find a great restaurant, drink a few beers and talk. Simple pleasures, I suppose.
  • Fives, tens, twenties…lists are annoying. This list is a great example. Numbers always create tension for me.

I’ve overthought this, but I have a tendency to overthink everything. Perhaps that would qualify as an interesting trait that I can add to the list?

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