Perfect score.

My favorite people on earth are the ones who tell stories. They don’t have the be true, as long as they’re good enough to make an impression.

Today was a good day for stories. With a steady rain falling, the Californians who weren’t complaining about the weather, we’re feeling introspective.

The particular story that got my attention came from a particularly smart coworker. Apparently his father was especially skilled at teaching kids to ski. When asked by another parent how he did it, he explained that the methodology wasn’t as important as first making sure the kid was warm, dry and liked the coat they were wearing. From there, he claimed, the actual skiing part was fairly straight forward.

Making sure people are comfortable so they’re open to new things? Obvious and brilliant at the same time. Which is the kind of life-lesson stuff I like to store for future reference.

Naturally, the whole thing has me thinking I should take up bowling.

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